Covid Friendly Party Food

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Covid friendly – make your own charcuterie board!

2020 has held so many challenges for so many. Who knew when this year started that we were about to step into a time when our whole worlds would be turned upside down. But it has been crazy and we have had to adapt with the times. I know for me one of the challenges that I had to learn to deal with was not entertaining and cooking for family. I know it is a small thing in comparison to what so many people have had to deal with in these turbulent times. Don’t get me wrong, my heart breaks for so many. But for me it is more than just cooking and entertaining, it is a way to bring my family and friends together to keep us united. For months, I was unable to see my family and friends and when I did see them it was from a distance with masks on with no physical contact. Especially when we knew so little about Covid and what it had in store for us.

Now months later, things have gotten a little better but we still have to be really careful to keep things contained and entertaining is more of a challenge. Recently, I was asked to prepare food for a women’s event for Restored. Restored is a faith-based business that exists to cultivate intentional community for working moms.

I have helped with this event before and the menu planning was pretty easy. But this year I was stumped. What to fix to be “Covid” safe? Normally, I would make a nice charcuterie board, a few warm appetizers and sweets of some kind. However, this year was a different story. Then it hit me! Why not make a “Covid” friendly “make your own” charcuterie board.

So that is where it began. And after several Amazon purchases and a Sam’s Club run I was able to pull together this really cool design.

I started with order the boxes for the boards, boxes for crackers, little utensils and the cutest little cups to hold all the goodies. Let me say for a disclaimer, I did a terrible job of trying to save the planet with all the plastic and paper, but I felt like I did a pretty good job of trying to keep us all safe.

The charcuterie options included from Sam’s Club – Greek olives, prosciutto, salami, pepperoni, babybel cheese , snack jack cheese, havarti and gouda snack cheese, individual hummus cups, carrots, grapes, multiple cracker selection, multi-grain crackers, veggie straws, mixed nuts, mini caprese salads with mozzarella cheese and cherry tomatoes and a numerous supply of crackers. Let me tell you, everyone loved the “build your own board” plan and really enjoyed the option of making it their own. All and all it was a successful night and we were able eat goodies without spreading germs.

I hope you get inspired to build your own “make your own charcuterie board” and I hope your guests will have as fun as our guests did. Enjoy!


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